Der Spiegel - January 17, 2012

An unexplained fire, disappearing scientists and attacks on prominent Iranian nuclear experts: The Israeli secret service Mossad seems to be waging a shadowy war on Tehra
n’s nuclear program. Will it be enough to stop Iran’s alleged drive to develop atomic weapons? A cover story in Der Spiegel, Germany’s most important news magazine,bared exclusive details from behind the scenes of the Israeli espionage agency.


From the story:

For Israel, the question of whether Iran will possess nuclear weapons is a matter of existential significance. Such a bomb would constitute a threat to the Jewish state – as well as to Palestinians in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Should Israel’s shadow war be credited with reducing the chances of such an Armageddon.
Israel certainly has extensive experience in the world of covert warfare. Mossad, the country’s foreign intelligence agency, abides by the Talmudic precept: “If a man comes to kill you, rise early and kill him first.”
Meir Dagan, the much-honored former head of Mossad, retired late last year after eight years in office. Former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon named Dagan to be supreme commander in Israel’s covert war against Iran’s nuclear ambitions, and Dagan concentrated his attention on precisely this mission.

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